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Initial Consultation // no charge About 30 min.

Let’s get to know each other.  I need to know your history before we can start dreaming up your style future. I will ask you about your experience with clothing, shopping and how it feels to be you. We’ll talk about your obstacles and goals style-wise and then walk you through my styling and shopping process, to get you on your way to your own personal style.  If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone!

Personal Shopping Experience – When it comes to your wardrobe, my  approach as a personal stylist is always focused on quality and functionality. I believe in simplifying the process of  navigating through the countless options out there in a buffet of shops. I save my clients significant amounts of time and money. From wardrobe-building to event-specific dressing, I understand the demands of your lifestyle and guide you to solutions you will love. I focus on dressing for your body shape and personal style.

A personal styling experience will begin with a detailed questionnaire about you and your wardrobe needs. We arrive at the shops with a purpose and a focus on your wardrobe requirements. We usually visit 4-8 shops, you spend most of your time in the change room trying on a multitude of items. I will explain tips and tricks that enhance your favorite bits and hide the areas you’re conscious of. I also work at capsulizing your wardrobe. There is zero pressure to purchase however I haven’t shopped with anyone that hasn’t walked away with a couple of bags.

This process takes a minimum of 2 hours at $125 per session. Sessions lasting for more than 2 hours will access an additional fee of $25 per hour.

Wardrobe Edit– I will work with you to perfect your wardrobe we will look at your lifestyle and social requirements. Together we will review your clothing and work out what fits, makes you feel great, suits your body shape, is in good condition and what you wear regularly. We will work at creating new outfit combinations and reigniting items in your wardrobe. Items that would work for donations purposes, I will take those and donate for you.  We will look for gaps in your wardrobe so there are no more wasted purchases when you shop.

A Wardrobe Edit is an investment of $75 per hour

Shop For Me- Want awesome clothes and accessories without doing any work?  Once we have discussed your styling preferences and vision for your new or updated wardrobe I will do the work for you. You’ll tell me your desired budget and approximately how many items you’d like to receive along with any other special notes, and I will do that work for you. Shopping can include thrifted items or retail as well as a combination of both.  You will also receive notes indicating how to wear the items in your style box. I love giving you options so you will have a versatile wardrobe and have more than one way to wear something. You can choose to receive a Clothing Only Box, a Clothing and Accessories Box, or an Accessories Only box. Most accessories will come from Paparazzi Accessories where a majority of the accessories are $5. Feel free to take a look

The Shop for Me experience price varies. As each experience is individually tailored to fit your needs. Depending on your location there may also be shipping costs associated. Please contact me to discuss your personal needs and pricing will be discussed.

Not sure which style experience is right for you? That’s ok! We’d be happy to advise or even customize something for you.

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Eve Hendricks-Arrington/OntheEve Style: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant