How Breaking My Phone, Broke Me


Thrifted blazer. Tags were still attached. Tag price $249 #winning

Hi there. It’s been a while. Life has been happening on my end as I am sure it has on your’s as well. But we are still here!! So let me get to the meat of this post.

This past Sunday, I was out enjoying an adventurous evening with my youngest daughter Alivia. She was attempting to ride in this Little Tikes car that she has had since she was a year old and she is now 7, imagine that. Anyway, she is my all things picture taker so I asked her to quickly snap a picture for me. While she was trying to park her car and get prepared to honor my request, my phone slipped out of her hand and splattered all on the concrete (NO, I didn’t have a secure case, I know). She immediately started crying and apologizing. I had to gather my feelings and let her know that I was not upset with her at all and that it was actually all my fault. Our enjoyable evening then became a frantic search for me another phone or a way to mend my phone’s brokenness. Then I became mad at myself. I should’ve been more focused on enjoying our afternoon stroll than worrying about getting that perfect IG picture. As we walked back home after the incident I felt lost.

Lost about my phone and lost about life in that very moment. I truly felt like that broken phone was what I needed. I have said for a while now I needed a break from social media and from chaos and because I wasn’t strong enough to take it for myself, God helped his crazy, little daughter out. Verizon couldn’t help that day so I had to order a new phone. The phone that would take two days to get to me. I remained calmed and focused on making sure I could still use whatever means I had to communicate with my mom and daughters throughout the day. Day 2 came and the delivery person did not leave my phone at my home or the office. Instead of panicking yet again, I continued to enjoy the break that God was clearly giving me. So during this time I decided to think about what life without a phone for these past few days has shown me. It basically allowed me to disconnect from social media’s reality and also showed me myself in real life.  I have allowed social media to take over so much of my life these past few months. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outlet and being able to connect with old and new friends, blogger boos, family and grow different businesses. But none of that can replace the special time, memories and bonds that I have been able to share with my children these past 3 days. One moment I will treasure is coming home from work on Tuesday and my almost 14-year-old daughter, Ayana asked me to sit on the couch and watch a teen, chic movie with her. The movie was actually awesome with a great moral lesson about friendships. We watched the entire movie without any distractions. To have her cuddling with me without either of us on our phones was amazing. Even having uninterrupted story time at night with my youngest has made her world.

Check out my band aid accessory. A broken wine glass caused this accident of course!

I am sure people take mental breaks from social media all the time and that is great if you can and do but if not, sometimes life will force you to. I truly know that God listens to me because when I am not strong enough to do things on my own, he does them for me. Even now that I am back on social media, it will be with limits. I was able to focus more on my 9 to 5 and be more productive at work and at home. I was able to think more clearly about the direction that I want my businesses, relationships and life to go. I realized that I was getting lost in the chaos instead of standing out and creating peace. It hasn’t been a break just from social media, it has been a break from all things stressful, even people. Refocusing on things that are important and growing from the difficulties of life.

I finally got my phone yesterday and it took an act of God and two Verizon technicians to fix a glitch in order for it to work properly. FINALLY around 10pm last night, I was back in technology world. I even made my way to 5 Below and found me a nice old super protective phone case and screen for this delicate iPhone of course. Anyway, I said all that to say this. Don’t look up from your phone or computer one day and your kids are adults, parents are gone, friends are few and relationships are gone. Find a balance. Set limits. I am glad to be back but I have enjoyed being gone!

As always thanks for reading!

xo, Eve

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Wall to Wall

Good Monday evening. I am typing this as I sit at my work station confused as to why I am sitting at this work station. But then I realize I have mouths to feed and bills to pay even though lately that seems like more than I care to discuss. Backup to this morning, I did a live video on Facebook talking about not quitting. How we have to keep going even when it seems like we have every reason to quit. The reality is that we have to keep going because there are people we have yet to meet that need us. Does this make it easier? NO! Yet nothing comes easy these days, everything seems like it takes literally an act of congress to proceed to the next dimension of life. Let me move on to why I am writing today.

I am pretty sure that when you saw that topic you were like where is she going with this. So let me go ahead and ease your curiosity. Let me be transparent. I have walls built in my life taller than what you know who wants to build. Mainly because sometimes hurt can be too much to carry. So I build these walls of protection which sometimes aren’t truly protecting anything. You know how your intentions are to protect something but you do more harm than protecting? Those are my walls. I am at a point in my life where God has me exposed. My flaws, my weaknesses, my hurt, my brokenness. Now I know He is going to turn it around for my good, but these walls are coming down too fast. I often look up at Him and say, “ok, Sir I need you to slow down just a tad bit”.  When God exposes you there is no oops, let me cover up. There isn’t a cover up big enough for that. Proverbs 4:23 tells us above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Wow! How powerful is that, physically and literally. The verses are that one continue on to tell us how we should behave with one another and in life. No where does it say build a wall though. I mean I can make it up if I want to but it will not override what He has already said.

Wall to wall is the notion that we can’t move anywhere if we keep putting up walls that we will eventually run into. Walls will have you thinking that everyone is out to harm you. Walls will have the love of your life right under you nose but you have built a wall and can’t see it. Walls will have your financial breakthrough right there waiting but prior bad investments have you scared. Walls will have your purpose staring at you in the face but you have that wall of  fear of failure blocking your view. Walls will have that new marriage on the horizon but that bad divorce has you putting up walls in front of every new potential you meet. Everything God does is intentional. As broken as we are, what’s better than having the Master himself sculpt us back to life. Where we have walls, He wants our trust. Those walls could very well be blocking access to the very things that God needs and wants us to have.


All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them-Walt Disney


Thank you for reading. If nothing else, just know that you are not in this wall banging situation alone. Yet, we can all escape together!

xo, Eve

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Alright yall, I am touching on something none thrift nor style related tonight. I was having a heart to heart with two of my blogger boos tonight and I was reminded of why I initially started blogging. I started blogging as a way to cope with grief after my father passed away in December 2015. I would put my emotions into words and then share them in hopes of helping someone else through grief of any kind. Then I quickly saw how the world of blogging was changing to almost everyone wanting their blogs to bring in money and followers. I jumped on the bandwagon and started taking blogger like photos, snapping photos everywhere I went, ignoring my kids to make sure I was keeping up with the latest Instagram feed. I must admit it was getting to be a bit more competitive than my spirit was ready for. Now it hasn’t been all bad because I have met some amazing bloggers and experienced some pretty great opportunities in the “blogger world”.

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans

Life has been pretty hectic lately.  Dealing with friendship woes, family drama, work craziness and managing several small business ventures. I have done more in the past 8 months than I feel like I have done in all 37 years of my life. So with everything becoming so overwhelming, tonight I just wanted to RELEASE My release came in creating Eve’s Bite. Basically my place to vent and let you all in on my vent sessions. Like you get to sip some of the tea of my hectic life first hand. Some days I will share my struggles of the day and some days I will share my successes of the day. Who knows what you may read in Eve’s Bite. Kind of a play on words that my daughter came up with. So welcome.

I usually want to quit blogging like once a week. I would be much more happier just reading everyone else’s blogs and liking stranger’s photos and posting what I want without any thought. I wouldn’t have to worry about graphics, logos, pictures, or hashtags. Yet, I am not a quitter so I guess I will just find a way to make it all work. I need you to know that everything you see on social media is not all that it is cut out to be. Don’t let these posts and lives fool you into thinking everything you see is golden. Like who is going to highlight all their mess to strangers? I mean some people don’t care but then there are those who do let you in on the behind the scenes action. You aren’t going to always see me just when I am smiling. Some days I even curse. I get betrayed. I get lied on and stressed out and many times I will let you know just that because it is ok to RELEASE. Whatever your release is do just that. But depending on what you release, be cautious of who you release it to. Self care is the best care and we have to learn not to care what people think. Their opinions don’t pay your bills. I have learned that feelings don’t make coins. Releasing helps you to find you path and God to guide you along the way.

So there’s your introduction. A bunch of rambling. But here is where you will find all of my rambling sessions. I am sure I will not be alone in what I share here in Eve’s Bite. Feel free to interact with me and share your comments and feelings. Maybe we can release together. That is always a win-win situation.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


xo, Eve


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Lace and Florals-Simple and Classy

So I jumped on to do a quick blog on my look from yesterday.  I was feeling blah and wanted to brighten up my mood a bit. The first two outfits I grabbed from my closet were a NO. I happened to see this black lace dress that I found at Goodwill last year and only worn once to a wedding. However, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to wear to church (just me, but people can wear what they want to where they want) but I still wanted to make it work.

        Thrifted LBD Express Brand-Goodwill

So being the fashionista that I am, I remembered my pretty floral kimono that I purchased from Poshmark. Poshmark is basically an online consignment shop. I consider it an online thrifting adventure. I’ve worn this kimono several times with several looks and it always works. So why not try it with a pretty LBD.

   Kimono-Poshmark; Swimwear-Gifted; Beach bag Francesca’s

Lace, stripes, and florals have become my go to prints for the summer.  Alone or mixing and matching them together, they always seem to work. Today I tied the kimono over the dress and created a look that I was comfortable with enough to wear to church. A client gifted me with some pin on accessories for my birthday, so I closed the cleveage area with the pearl pin

To complete the look, I added some simple accessories from Paparazzi Accessories  which can be be found on my website Eve’s Paparazzi. Looking great doesn’t have to break the bank. Select versatile pieces that can be worn together or as separates. Maximize what’s in your closet before heading to the stores to grab a piece you may already own!

As always thanks for stopping by!!

xo, Eve

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Liberating 37…….My 37th Birthday in Retrospect

July 15, I celebrated my 37th birthday. I was really thinking that it would feel like just another birthday but actually it doesn’t. I feel so liberated. So free to be completely me. I wanted to do 37 lessons I’ve learned in 37 years but truthfully I don’t have the time to devote to my own thoughts.

So let me just share a few of them with you.

1. I’ve learned how to breathe.

Not literally but figuratively. I have learned how to just pause and breathe when life seems to be beating the heck out of me. I realize that some things just have to happen. It’s not what happens to me but how what happens to me changes me for the better. So if you are always a super busy mom, wife. friend. whatever your role is, give yourself the gift of breathing.

2.  Pray.

I know it sounds so cliché but I really don’t care. Practice praying. Not how someone else does it but how you are lead. Prayer has kept me alive for 37 years. Trust me, I know. Not only my prayers but those of surrounding love ones who knew to pray when I didn’t have the strength to pray for myself.

3.  Get rid of drama.

Seriously. Enough already. If you don’t protect your peace, who will? Vow to be drama free. You will feel be calmer and able to hear from God as to what His plan and purpose is for your life. Plus I’m getting too mature to keep telling folks what they should already know.

4. Dress to impress.

Do your best. Just make sure if you’re slaying on the outside that your inside is just as pretty. Nothing like a pretty, ugly person! (I think I made that up, but I like it:)) OH, Go thrifting. You’ll look good on a dime! I promise. 

5. Stay connected to not-just-transactional friends.

I have some bomb-ass friends. Let me just say that. I mean the real deal kinda chics. The ones who loan me money when I am struggling. The ones who pray for me when I am hurting. The ones who don’t judge when I am being trifling. They love me in action and with words. Get you some of those because I am not sharing.

6.  Own your mess.

It’s not easy but you gotta do it! Once you own it, no one can use it against you. There is so much freedom in owning your mess. I have been in a messy separation for the last few years and it has taken a lot for me to own my mess. But now that I have and I have used it to be better, you can’t tell me nothing. It’s been worth every stressful event that has happened.

7. Inspire others.

There is something in you that is inspiring. We don’t live for ourselves all the time. Sometimes we live for others. Someone  is watching to see if you make it so they have the hope that they can too. Don’t let them down. It’s a lot of pressure but it’s for a promise. You already know who our Promise Keeper is! And remember you aren’t living life alone.

8. Watch Dirty Dancing and believe in love

Yep, that’s my favorite movie. My freshman roommate turned bestie and I used to watch it daily. It made us smile and believe that love is out there. Even if we miss the mark a few times, the bullseye is coming and we will hit it spot on.

9.  Don’t let people into your life so quickly or give away your last name before a new one is worthy

This has been the  hardest lesson for me to learn. Sometimes the past pushes us into the future so fast that we forget to stop and breathe (lesson #1) Make a promise to yourself to take time for yourself. Don’t allow people to read the entire book of you before you are ready. Honor yourself and they will honor you.

10.  Stop living in denial, face reality.

Whew, this last one is direct and hard. It’s not always easy. It’s usually painful but you will come out so much stronger. Denial keeps you hurt. Forgiving and loving others  allows to you live freely. Don’t worry about what you imagined life to be, focus on what it is and faith through it! 

So with these 10 lessons, I really have millions more but take them in and apply. Life is too short to be anything but living! Thank you for reading and thanks for all of the birthday love shown.


xo, Eve

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