Lace and Florals-Simple and Classy

So I jumped on to do a quick blog on my look from yesterday.  I was feeling blah and wanted to brighten up my mood a bit. The first two outfits I grabbed from my closet were a NO. I happened to see this black lace dress that I found at Goodwill last year and only worn once to a wedding. However, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to wear to church (just me, but people can wear what they want to where they want) but I still wanted to make it work.

        Thrifted LBD Express Brand-Goodwill

So being the fashionista that I am, I remembered my pretty floral kimono that I purchased from Poshmark. Poshmark is basically an online consignment shop. I consider it an online thrifting adventure. I’ve worn this kimono several times with several looks and it always works. So why not try it with a pretty LBD.

   Kimono-Poshmark; Swimwear-Gifted; Beach bag Francesca’s

Lace, stripes, and florals have become my go to prints for the summer.  Alone or mixing and matching them together, they always seem to work. Today I tied the kimono over the dress and created a look that I was comfortable with enough to wear to church. A client gifted me with some pin on accessories for my birthday, so I closed the cleveage area with the pearl pin

To complete the look, I added some simple accessories from Paparazzi Accessories  which can be be found on my website Eve’s Paparazzi. Looking great doesn’t have to break the bank. Select versatile pieces that can be worn together or as separates. Maximize what’s in your closet before heading to the stores to grab a piece you may already own!

As always thanks for stopping by!!

xo, Eve

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Liberating 37…….My 37th Birthday in Retrospect

July 15, I celebrated my 37th birthday. I was really thinking that it would feel like just another birthday but actually it doesn’t. I feel so liberated. So free to be completely me. I wanted to do 37 lessons I’ve learned in 37 years but truthfully I don’t have the time to devote to my own thoughts.

So let me just share a few of them with you.

1. I’ve learned how to breathe.

Not literally but figuratively. I have learned how to just pause and breathe when life seems to be beating the heck out of me. I realize that some things just have to happen. It’s not what happens to me but how what happens to me changes me for the better. So if you are always a super busy mom, wife. friend. whatever your role is, give yourself the gift of breathing.

2.  Pray.

I know it sounds so cliché but I really don’t care. Practice praying. Not how someone else does it but how you are lead. Prayer has kept me alive for 37 years. Trust me, I know. Not only my prayers but those of surrounding love ones who knew to pray when I didn’t have the strength to pray for myself.

3.  Get rid of drama.

Seriously. Enough already. If you don’t protect your peace, who will? Vow to be drama free. You will feel be calmer and able to hear from God as to what His plan and purpose is for your life. Plus I’m getting too mature to keep telling folks what they should already know.

4. Dress to impress.

Do your best. Just make sure if you’re slaying on the outside that your inside is just as pretty. Nothing like a pretty, ugly person! (I think I made that up, but I like it:)) OH, Go thrifting. You’ll look good on a dime! I promise. 

5. Stay connected to not-just-transactional friends.

I have some bomb-ass friends. Let me just say that. I mean the real deal kinda chics. The ones who loan me money when I am struggling. The ones who pray for me when I am hurting. The ones who don’t judge when I am being trifling. They love me in action and with words. Get you some of those because I am not sharing.

6.  Own your mess.

It’s not easy but you gotta do it! Once you own it, no one can use it against you. There is so much freedom in owning your mess. I have been in a messy separation for the last few years and it has taken a lot for me to own my mess. But now that I have and I have used it to be better, you can’t tell me nothing. It’s been worth every stressful event that has happened.

7. Inspire others.

There is something in you that is inspiring. We don’t live for ourselves all the time. Sometimes we live for others. Someone  is watching to see if you make it so they have the hope that they can too. Don’t let them down. It’s a lot of pressure but it’s for a promise. You already know who our Promise Keeper is! And remember you aren’t living life alone.

8. Watch Dirty Dancing and believe in love

Yep, that’s my favorite movie. My freshman roommate turned bestie and I used to watch it daily. It made us smile and believe that love is out there. Even if we miss the mark a few times, the bullseye is coming and we will hit it spot on.

9.  Don’t let people into your life so quickly or give away your last name before a new one is worthy

This has been the  hardest lesson for me to learn. Sometimes the past pushes us into the future so fast that we forget to stop and breathe (lesson #1) Make a promise to yourself to take time for yourself. Don’t allow people to read the entire book of you before you are ready. Honor yourself and they will honor you.

10.  Stop living in denial, face reality.

Whew, this last one is direct and hard. It’s not always easy. It’s usually painful but you will come out so much stronger. Denial keeps you hurt. Forgiving and loving others  allows to you live freely. Don’t worry about what you imagined life to be, focus on what it is and faith through it! 

So with these 10 lessons, I really have millions more but take them in and apply. Life is too short to be anything but living! Thank you for reading and thanks for all of the birthday love shown.


xo, Eve

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Day to Night Style…..The Suit, The LBD, Layer it up!


Hi there! The Fourth of July holiday has concluded and some of us are trying to get settled back into the work week on a hump day! Crazy right? At least that means we only have two more work days left in the week. Today on the blog I want to share with you how you can choose the perfect outfit that works for the work slay as well as the after work scene. I was chatting it up with some blogger friends last night and we shared how we are usually slighted misunderstood because of our we show up at work. But we all know that the world is our runway so why not?!

Every lady needs a look that says Girl Boss and recognize it but then the ability to transition effortlessly into your flirty and let your hair down side after office hours. So I have a few style tips to try to assist you with this task.

Suit It Up!

I know you are like ughhhh I despise stuffy suits but not all suits are plain and basic. A killer suit can take you from day to night. Finding a suit that fits is key. You know I am an avid thrifter, so the thrift store is always my go to place for a nice, quality suit. A classic white or black suit, or even opt for one in bold color and style it your way! During the day wear a crisp button down with a statement necklace. At night ditch the blazer  and let your neckpiece run the show!  Toss the handbag for a clutch! Get rid of the basic pumps and throw on some heels with inches and compliment your day look with a little edginess for the night cap and you are ready for the after work sip and chat!

My blogger friend @curveebeauty slaying in this suit attire.


The LBD ( Little Black Dress)

Every woman has to have the little black dress collection. You can pull it off with anything combination and for any event! If you don’t own one, let me help you find one or again head to your local thrift store and get to it! It is a staple piece to transition from day to night.

This LBD can easily make the work scene by adding a white, black or a pop of color blazer and transition into the night scene!


For work, make your black dress appropriate for your work atmosphere. Doesn’t have to be fancy for work or the after scene. Make sure the dress compliments your body type or wear undergarments to make everything smooth and flattering. Match with heels to compliment your legs and body shape. Grab your work tote and boss it. Now, for the night look, add a blazer or scarf! Any colors will work! Some attention grabbing earrings and again a nice clutch or smaller handbag and work the scene!

Layer it Up!

When in doubt, layer! My favorite fashion thing to do is layer clothing pieces. It’s trendy yes, but I have been layering for years. Especially in the fall and winter because I dislike bulky jackets. So I make sure to layer enough to be both warm and cute. But even for the warmer weather, layering works. Now when I layering it’s not always the clothes. For work, add a belt or scarf to your look that will flatter your waistline. Dusters are at an all time high fashion piece right now. Wear with dresses, jeans, shorts, everything basically! For the night life, you can also layer without feeling stuffy. Layering necklaces work. Adding a cute cardigan to a dress or skirt and top! If you prepare ahead of time, your work look doesn’t even have to change. You can step out of the office and into a wine tasting with no changing at all!

I purchased this red dress at my local Triad Goodwill! Opted to layering over some jeans and added heels! You can easily take this look from work to play!


So there you have it! Wasn’t that easy? You probably already have these looks in your closet. If not, get to thrifting! lol

Thanks for stopping by!


xo, Eve



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Fashion and Fireworks

Hello and Happy Monday! I am working today so no long weekend for me but I do plan to engage in some fun after work and tomorrow. So of course many of us plan to attend picnics, cookouts and engage in firework activities (btw please be safe). So therefore, we must have a fashion and fireworks post right? It wouldn’t be appropriate blogger etiquette not to!

This post also includes some looks from two of my blogger friends, so be sure to follow them on IG as well @rickiloves and @the_cost_conscious_fashionista who I am sharing this first collab with!! Awesome right! So the obvious answer to the holiday fashion is some combination of red, white and blue, but clearly you don’t have to wear all three colors. You don’t have to wear any but let’s be festive and fun. Whether it is a scarf, bag, shoes or your nail polish you can still participate.

If you have been a faithful follower, you know that I love thrifting. I enjoy putting looks together that do not break the bank or my budget. My looks are affordable and probably something that you already have in your closet or if not a trip to the local Goodwill can certainly help you in that department.

This look includes a men’s casual blue and white striped button down. I landed this find for $3.59 at my local Goodwill. Paired with my thrifted blue Michael Antonio heels $3.49, thrifted red clutch $1.99 and thrifted blue tank $1.29. The scarf is from Dollar General $2. The only retail item are the super high-rise jegging from


Same scarf, Merona button front, off the shoulder from   Another pair of my fav American Eagle jeans and Steve Madden Stecy heels in red, I scored from Macy’s during their annual shoe sale for $25.


@the_cost_conscious_fashionista My NC blogger friend opted for the supreme trio colors of red, white, and blue also! The off the shoulder trend is so flattering and this look is amazing! She more of her looks at

@rickiloves Is slaying is this white dress in Texas!!! She opted to adorn her handbag with the American flag colors in a scarf. Perfect for the added subtle but patriotic look. See more of her fashion and beauty tips at


I had so much fun doing this collab with these ladies! Fun and a learning experience. Be sure to check out their blogs and their social media feeds as well! Have a very Happy Fourth of July! And remember fashion and fireworks! Thanks for stopping by!


xo, Eve








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Thrift Store Finds for Your Next Vacation

It’s been a while loves but life happens right? I am glad you stuck it out with me while I try to revamp my website that is a little easier for me to post and navigate. It’s still a work in progress.

Today I wanted to bring to the blog a post about something that I am truly ready to experience this year and in the future. TRAVEL. I no longer want to collect stuff, I want to collect memories. So I am pairing my love of thrifting with my desire to travel more. I am sharing a few items that you can thrift your way to traveling with and not break the bank.

Five Travel Items You Can Find at the Thrift Store

1. Photo Albums

Photo albums are becoming so rare these days but I still love them. There is nothing like pulling out a photo album and turning the pages with your children or friends. Memories that are on real pictures and not in phones or on social media. When traveling, there are times that you might capture priceless photos and immediately want to get them printed in case your camera/phone is lost or stolen. Having a small photo album in your possession will be a great way to keep them safe and organized while traveling. I see so many treasured albums while I am out thrifting and thought what a great find for someone who loves to be able to hold pictures in their hands that’s not in their phones. They are usually very cheap, so grab yourself one and a few for friends!

2.  Travel Bags/Totes

I must admit, I have an addiction to bags. Handbags, tote bags, reuseable bags, makeup bags, grocery bags. LOL You name the bag and I have more than probably five of each. Whether you are taking a trip to the beach or an amusement park, thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even online Stores like Thredup or Poshmark have some very nice bags that will give you a bang for your buck. Even TJMaxx has some awesome tote bags at a thrifty price. Usually they are hanging on a wall near the checkout counter. Makeup bags or bags that can double as a clutch can usually be found in the bins or in a basket on the counter at most thrift stores. I am a mommy so everything gets tossed into my bag. Food, extra shoes, umbrellas, towels, EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid to dig through to find your hidden treasure. It’s worth not having to pay retail so you can spend more on enjoying your getaway.

3.  Sunglasses

I promise you that I lose my glasses and sunglasses more than I keep them on my face. A few years ago I purchased a pair of prescription Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Do you know I just found them maybe a few months ago? SMH sad I know. So I don’t feel as bad when I grab a nice pair of sunglasses from the thrift store and lose them an hour after I walk out of the store. The beauties below were a thrift find for $1. Usually, thrift stores have sunglasses galore for men, women, and children. My 7 year old loves to grab her a pair whenever she is with me. Even if you just need a sunglass case to protect your sunglasses they have those too. I would rather pay $2 than $200 for sunglasses any day. So get thrifting and grab you some cute styles and rock them on your next vacation adventure.

4.  Hats

Ok so I am pushing 37 and I am learning how important it is to protect this glowing skin. So with my Avon products with SPF, I also have to make sure I use extra protection when I am out in the elements. I love the beach so there is nothing like a nice straw hat or floppy hat. Looking cute while keeping the sun from burning my face and shoulders. If I don’t see anything else, the first things I see when I walk in my favorite thrift stores, are HATS! Any kind you want. Baseball caps, fishing caps, floppy hats, fedoras lol all kinds! Even though I thrift, I am the queen of sanitizing. I usually spray with Lysol and soak/wash according to the labels in the hats. You can google and find all sorts of articles on how to clean hats prior to wearing them. Better safe than sorry even when you are saving those coins. You can find my Avon products on my website along with some inexpensive hats on my website

5.  Travel Wardrobe

Here my loves is my favorite part of this blog!! Thrifting for clothes. My closet is just about totally thrifted with the exception of a few pieces that I already owned prior to living the #thriftylife so to speak. Maxi dresses, light weight jackets, cute tops, denim jackets are all perfect pieces for traveling. If there is a look you have discovered on Pinterest or another blogger’s IG or even on my IG onthe_eve_style_.   I am more than positive that you can recreate the same looks by finding pieces at your local thrift store. Don’t forget shoes. You can grab some cute flats and sandals to take along with you for the trip. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize those too.

You have officially been schooled on how to prepare for your next vacation! So with all the money that you will save, go enjoy yourself. Take pictures in your thrifted wardrobe, with your poppin sunglasses and hat, with your tote on your wrist and place those photos in your cute new photo album! All who wander are not lost! Bye bye for now!



xo, Eve



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