Love Levels

On the blog today, I am sharing with you a few exciting things. Some thrift style mixed with retail (of course on sale or clearance) and some love levels advice. I am also partnering with Triad Goodwill to bring you Valentine’s Day looks at affordable prices. As a working mom of three daughters who love fashion just as much as I do, the compromise is shopping at Goodwill. We can achieve many of the looks that we want with the brands that we love at prices that are affordable. The thing that I love about thrifting is the confidence level that it gives to the thrifter. Knowing that you can style the best outfits, never look like anyone else, and you didn’t spend your entire bank account, is an amazing feeling. When you love yourself, it doesn’t matter where your purchase your wardrobe. Which brings me to the blog title today, Love Levels.

Silver and Black sweater $4.49 (Triad Goodwill) Black Skirt (Express) Red Steve Madden heels (Macy’s Clearance)  Accessories-Paparazzi Accessories

We are in the week of celebrating a day that is exciting to many and just another day to some, Valentine’s Day. You know that day that every man/woman is supposed to go out of their way to show that they love that special person in their lives. I mean to me that should be everyday but I digress. I just want to put this reminder out there, don’t let one day make you bitter. If you don’t have a Valentine, be your own Valentine! Self love is the best love. If you want to celebrate, treat yourself to your favorite things. Take a trip to Goodwill and buy you a nice, inexpensive outfit, take yourself out dinner and/or a movie. Spend time with other friends who are celebrating self-love on that day as well. It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day and forget your own awesomeness.

There are levels to love. Some levels are only reached when you meet certain people. If you have been fortunate enough to have experienced multiple levels of love then my heels go off to you. Through life we learn how to love. Love is an action verb. It isn’t a word to be thrown around loosely and immaturely. Strong relationships are commitments made on the foundation of true and authentic love. So one day a year shouldn’t be the only day that we show those who we claim we love, that we love them. I actually am learning to like Valentine’s Day a little more. Yes a bad relationship will leave you bitter and hating cupid. But growth is a powerful thing. Learn how to love your whole self. No one should complete you, they should just be a bonus addition to your greatness!

Cranberry Velvet Dress $4.99 (Triad Goodwill) Clutch (Charlotte Russe) Rose Gold heels (Express) Necklace Paparazzi Accessories

There is no secret that I have struggled in the game of love throughout my adult life. Hey, I would dare to say even throughout my younger life. As you get older you learn what love is and what love isn’t. It takes a couple of hit and misses to land spot on.  Just like thrifting, some pieces you just don’t know if it will work for you until you try it on. It looks awesome on the hanger but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be a perfect fit once you try it on. Some pieces you can make work for you, some you just have to say no thanks and put it back (insert giggle). But seriously, you have to be willing to take the good with the bad. I read a message once that said, your next blessing depends on what you are willing to leave behind. Whether it’s hurt, disappointment, pain or sadness, those are all set ups for happiness, joy, growth, and love. Once you master loving yourself, you can learn to master loving someone else. So about this dress, I saw it and had no idea where I would wear it. But at that price I would wear it around the house and be content! Find similar looks here and

So enough with the mushy stuff. Where are my single ladies at? You do know that Galentine’s Day is also celebrated this month as well. It’s February 13th. Yes! A whole day for the ladies to celebrate each other. Put on your best jeans, blazer, hottie dress and get ready to mix and mingle. Who says that single ladies can’t have fun. So grab your phones and let’s get to planning.

Vintage Cardigan $3.49 and Denim jeans $4.49 (Goodwill) Accessories Paparazzi Accessories Handbag (MCM)

Regardless of whether it is Valentine’s Day or any other day, take time to love on yourself. Plan a date night for you and your love to visit a Triad Goodwill location and pick out looks for each other. Grab a girlfriend and have a day out thrifting for fun. Take your children toy shopping at one of your favorite Goodwill locations. There is enough thrifting love to go around.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy pre-Valentine’s Day!

XO, Eve


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12 Months of Thrifting Essentials for 2018

Welcome 2018! Triad Goodwill and I are welcoming the New Year with a 12 Months of  Thrifting Essentials Guide. This quick guide is a sure way to help you refresh your wardrobe for the new year.

Many of us take on the new year, new me approach and to help you put that plan into action, this guide gives you specific pieces to shop for each month. Thrifting can be overwhelming to newbies and I have heard from many of my fellow thrifters that having a guide when shopping, would be a major help for starters. So your request has been granted and I am thankful to Triad Goodwill for the opportunity to share this information with their current and future shoppers as well. We hope this will become something to look forward to every year to help you refresh and build your current wardrobe.

12 Months of Thrifting Essentials


FEB.  VALENTINE’S GIFT (picture frame, red sweater, nice baskets, etc.)











This list really is as simple as it looks! I have attempted to narrow down the items in each month by my thrifting experiences. Here are some tips to help you as well.


  • Be patient with yourself. If you have never thrifted before, these items may not catch your eye as quickly as in a retail store. Sizes are not easily visible, so take a cup full of patience and control in with you when you shop.  It may take you a few visits to get it right and you may be able to wipe out more than one month at a time if you get really good at it.


  • Protect yourself.  Yes, others have worn or not worn donated clothes but either way still be prepared. I usually carry sanitizing spray and wipes with me. If you think you will be trying on clothes I normally wear close fitted tops and leggings as a barrier without being bulky. If you feel comfortable enough to purchase to wait until after you wash or have the items cleaned then go for it.


  • Share with us. If you are successful in your search by all means feel free to snap a selfie and share with us. I will be shopping right along with you and sharing my finds in each month. Make sure to follow us and tag us on Instagram @onthe_eve_style_  and @triadgoodwill. Use the tag #Thrifty18.  Your accounts must be public in order for us to see your fabulous finds.

Good luck and Happy Thrifting!


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The Little Eve That Could…..

The Little Eve That Could

So here we are. Ending the year of 2017. What a year! 2017 gave me lots of laughs and tears. It built me up and broke me down. It brought new friendships into my life and took some others. It basically was a year of ultimate growth as a woman, mother, person, and entrepreneur! We definitely had a love/hate relationship. As I sat down to compose this end of the year post, I was griped with so much anxiety. I have never felt like that before in regards to a blog post. So I prayed and came to the realization that this post would require realness. Sometimes we like to keep all the not so good things wrapped up tight when those are the very things that need to be released to help someone else. So here we go,

One of my favorite books as a child was the Little Engine That Could. I would read this book over and over again because I loved the part of the story in which the smaller engine repeated I think I can, I think I can until she did. I feel like that has been my entire mindset throughout 2017. When things were on the brink of going downhill, I repeated that to myself many, many times over this year. Boy were there sometimes in which I just wanted to jump track and be like forget this, I quit. But you don’t just quit life when you have daughters who are watching you and people who are needing you to survive when you are struggling to survive yourself. If I could choose one word for 2017 it would be, PUSH. This acronym is used often to represent the cliché statement Pray Until Something Happens. Boy did I push. My mommy pushed, my friends pushed, my kids pushed, everybody was pushing with and for me. No matter how low life got, I wasn’t in that valley experience long and my little engine kept pushing along.

Blogging has been therapeutic for me this year. It has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing blogger boos both near and far. We have shared thrift finds, makeup looks, outfits, recipes, home decor tips, everything under the sun. They have also prayed and cried with me. I have shared with you all that I went through some pretty difficult situations this year but I am still trusting the process. Life happens, love happens and then loss happens. You take the Ls with the Ws right? Well at least that’s what I tell myself. Not all loses are punishment. Some are for our protection. So whether you lost friendships or even had a business to flop, you learned a lesson. Sometimes things will continue to happen until God feels that we have learned the lesson he was trying to show us all along. My 7-year-old daughter made me a Christmas card at school this year and in it she wrote, I love how you never give up! I was moved to tears. She actually notices.  I didn’t know what she had seen in order for her to even draw that conclusion but I also didn’t need to know the specifics. I just knew that she saw something that made her see that mommy never gives up and that quitting is not an option for me, her or her sisters. Life has a funny way of reminding us of who is in control and it is NOT us!

After PUSHing all year-long in health, relationships, careers, family, and finances, I think it’s time I start to PULL myself together and move into the New Year with my head held high. As I am writing this finale blog, my mind is all over the place because so much has happened this year yet so much hasn’t happened. I think if we always focus on what did happen, we lose sight of the things that didn’t happen. So if you have had a crappy year, think about it this way, there  are some things that didn’t happen. So count it a blessing and also look forward to making those positive things that didn’t happen, make its way into the New Year. I don’t think you can, I know you can!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make 2018 the most memorable year ever!! I can’t wait to PULL through it with you! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me this year!!







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Holiday Thrift Challenge-Couple’s Edition

The holidays are here and I am honored to partner with Triad Goodwill  to bring to you the Holiday Thrift Challenge-Couple’s Edition. Yes, you can find pretty amazing everyday and social wear at Goodwill. No more ugly sweaters and a race to see who can find the most hideous looks to throw together. Goodwill and I are here to show you that you and your partner can find looks for all your holiday party and social needs. Whether it’s for work or play, Goodwill has you covered.

How The Challenge Works

You and your partner will need to take a trip to one of the 22 Triad Goodwill stores and one outlet store. Click store locations to find your nearest Goodwill.  Between December 4 and December 10, you will need to visit any of the 22 locations to create your couple’s outfits. You and your partner will need to be styled from head to toe in your secondhand outfits. Each couple that participates will need to send me a full length photo of the complete looks and a copy of their receipts for valid entry.  Submission will also grant us your permission to share your looks on OntheEve Style/Triad Goodwill social media pages. If you would like to post to your own social media accounts, please use the hashtag #coupleseditionthriftchallenge17 and tag us!

Each valid entry will be voted on by social media. The prizes are pretty good if I must say so myself.

$20 Triad Goodwill Giftcard/$40 Restaurant Gift Card

All submissions must be received by Monday, December 11, 2017 at 10am. All submissions will be posted on Triad Goodwill’s Facebook page for voting. Voting will take place December 12-December 16, 2017 and winner announced on Sunday, December 17, 2017!

Even if you have never thrifted before this is the time for you to dive in and join the fun! My blog covers many tips to help you with this thrifting challenge. All it takes is patience and a good eye for fashion and I am confident you can find an amazing look at a fabulous price.

So that’s it. Get to thrift shopping. When you are ready to submit your picture and receipt, send a clear photo to

I am so excited about this challenge and I can’t wait to see what fabulously, thrifted looks you put together! As always, thank you for stopping bye!


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Shopping deals-OntheEve Style


Good morning after! Thanksgiving is behind us and now it’s on to Christmas. Is it me or are things just moving wayyyyy too fast?! 2017 is about to come to an end and it seems like it just started!

So let’s get to the purpose of this post. Many of you know that I have my hands in many entrepreneurial ventures. So I want to share a little of what’s available for your shopping pleasure this money spending season. Definitely keeping in line with my brand and saving you money.

For starters let’s take care of our skin! I have partnered with AppleRoseBeauty  to bring you products that serve multiple purposes. Helping  you keep your glow while helping the fight against human trafficking. This Vitamin C serum is amazing. I’ve been using it for a about a week and I can already tell a difference in my skin! My mom has been an avid user of Vitamin C on her face for years! Now the rest of the world has caught up! Use my CODE: EVE at check out to save 10% on full size product orders!

The perfect elixir for youthful skin. This Vitamin C serum is super concentrated and super moisturizing. It has the highest form of active, bio-available Vitamin C. This stable, highly effective Vitamin C is packed with Vitamin E. It combines the superior moisturizing power of natural jojoba oil and the tightening and moisture retention power of Witch Hazel, along with the collagen production boosting properties of the amino acid Arginine. This serum works wonders to repair the effects of sun damage, lighten sun and age spots, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten for more beautiful skin. It works exceptionally well on sensitive skin too!

Beautiful skin is always complimented with beautiful jewelry! I’m also an Independent Paparazzi Consultant. That means I have access to tons of beautiful jewelry and I get to share all of it with you! Awesome right?! Even better, most of our jewelry only costs $5 with some luxury pieces that are $25. We share new jewelry releases everyday Monday-Friday. New releases are released and usually sell out within minutes so that means add to cart and check out quickly! Some of our pieces that are usually always in stock are called Blockbusters. And yep, they are only $5 too! You can find what’s available at

If  you’re interested in joining the business! Please message me or

Hypnotized Necklace Gold $5
Classically Chic Gold hoops $5
Hammer Away Cuff Gold $5

Ok so hang in there, one more venture to go! Days are long gone of the old biddy Avon lady! The new Avon Fashionistas are taking over. We offer a more modern and fresh look on Avon and its products. From lip sticks to hand lotions, Avon has you covered!

Visit my site at

Avon Glazewear in Creamy Nude
Avon Glazewear in Clear

So I think that has you covered lol! OntheEve Style’s goal is to bring you services to style you from head to toe! You can check out my other blog posts on thrifting and fashion. You don’t have to spend a lot to look amazing this holiday season. I promise you!

Again, Happy Belated Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends!


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