Wall to Wall

Good Monday evening. I am typing this as I sit at my work station confused as to why I am sitting at this work station. But then I realize I have mouths to feed and bills to pay even though lately that seems like more than I care to discuss. Backup to this morning, I did a live video on Facebook talking about not quitting. How we have to keep going even when it seems like we have every reason to quit. The reality is that we have to keep going because there are people we have yet to meet that need us. Does this make it easier? NO! Yet nothing comes easy these days, everything seems like it takes literally an act of congress to proceed to the next dimension of life. Let me move on to why I am writing today.

I am pretty sure that when you saw that topic you were like where is she going with this. So let me go ahead and ease your curiosity. Let me be transparent. I have walls built in my life taller than what you know who wants to build. Mainly because sometimes hurt can be too much to carry. So I build these walls of protection which sometimes aren’t truly protecting anything. You know how your intentions are to protect something but you do more harm than protecting? Those are my walls. I am at a point in my life where God has me exposed. My flaws, my weaknesses, my hurt, my brokenness. Now I know He is going to turn it around for my good, but these walls are coming down too fast. I often look up at Him and say, “ok, Sir I need you to slow down just a tad bit”.  When God exposes you there is no oops, let me cover up. There isn’t a cover up big enough for that. Proverbs 4:23 tells us above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Wow! How powerful is that, physically and literally. The verses are that one continue on to tell us how we should behave with one another and in life. No where does it say build a wall though. I mean I can make it up if I want to but it will not override what He has already said.

Wall to wall is the notion that we can’t move anywhere if we keep putting up walls that we will eventually run into. Walls will have you thinking that everyone is out to harm you. Walls will have the love of your life right under you nose but you have built a wall and can’t see it. Walls will have your financial breakthrough right there waiting but prior bad investments have you scared. Walls will have your purpose staring at you in the face but you have that wall of  fear of failure blocking your view. Walls will have that new marriage on the horizon but that bad divorce has you putting up walls in front of every new potential you meet. Everything God does is intentional. As broken as we are, what’s better than having the Master himself sculpt us back to life. Where we have walls, He wants our trust. Those walls could very well be blocking access to the very things that God needs and wants us to have.


All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them-Walt Disney


Thank you for reading. If nothing else, just know that you are not in this wall banging situation alone. Yet, we can all escape together!

xo, Eve

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