Alright yall, I am touching on something none thrift nor style related tonight. I was having a heart to heart with two of my blogger boos tonight and I was reminded of why I initially started blogging. I started blogging as a way to cope with grief after my father passed away in December 2015. I would put my emotions into words and then share them in hopes of helping someone else through grief of any kind. Then I quickly saw how the world of blogging was changing to almost everyone wanting their blogs to bring in money and followers. I jumped on the bandwagon and started taking blogger like photos, snapping photos everywhere I went, ignoring my kids to make sure I was keeping up with the latest Instagram feed. I must admit it was getting to be a bit more competitive than my spirit was ready for. Now it hasn’t been all bad because I have met some amazing bloggers and experienced some pretty great opportunities in the “blogger world”.

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans

Life has been pretty hectic lately.  Dealing with friendship woes, family drama, work craziness and managing several small business ventures. I have done more in the past 8 months than I feel like I have done in all 37 years of my life. So with everything becoming so overwhelming, tonight I just wanted to RELEASE My release came in creating Eve’s Bite. Basically my place to vent and let you all in on my vent sessions. Like you get to sip some of the tea of my hectic life first hand. Some days I will share my struggles of the day and some days I will share my successes of the day. Who knows what you may read in Eve’s Bite. Kind of a play on words that my daughter came up with. So welcome.

I usually want to quit blogging like once a week. I would be much more happier just reading everyone else’s blogs and liking stranger’s photos and posting what I want without any thought. I wouldn’t have to worry about graphics, logos, pictures, or hashtags. Yet, I am not a quitter so I guess I will just find a way to make it all work. I need you to know that everything you see on social media is not all that it is cut out to be. Don’t let these posts and lives fool you into thinking everything you see is golden. Like who is going to highlight all their mess to strangers? I mean some people don’t care but then there are those who do let you in on the behind the scenes action. You aren’t going to always see me just when I am smiling. Some days I even curse. I get betrayed. I get lied on and stressed out and many times I will let you know just that because it is ok to RELEASE. Whatever your release is do just that. But depending on what you release, be cautious of who you release it to. Self care is the best care and we have to learn not to care what people think. Their opinions don’t pay your bills. I have learned that feelings don’t make coins. Releasing helps you to find you path and God to guide you along the way.

So there’s your introduction. A bunch of rambling. But here is where you will find all of my rambling sessions. I am sure I will not be alone in what I share here in Eve’s Bite. Feel free to interact with me and share your comments and feelings. Maybe we can release together. That is always a win-win situation.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


xo, Eve


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