Thrift Store Finds for Your Next Vacation

It’s been a while loves but life happens right? I am glad you stuck it out with me while I try to revamp my website that is a little easier for me to post and navigate. It’s still a work in progress.

Today I wanted to bring to the blog a post about something that I am truly ready to experience this year and in the future. TRAVEL. I no longer want to collect stuff, I want to collect memories. So I am pairing my love of thrifting with my desire to travel more. I am sharing a few items that you can thrift your way to traveling with and not break the bank.

Five Travel Items You Can Find at the Thrift Store

1. Photo Albums

Photo albums are becoming so rare these days but I still love them. There is nothing like pulling out a photo album and turning the pages with your children or friends. Memories that are on real pictures and not in phones or on social media. When traveling, there are times that you might capture priceless photos and immediately want to get them printed in case your camera/phone is lost or stolen. Having a small photo album in your possession will be a great way to keep them safe and organized while traveling. I see so many treasured albums while I am out thrifting and thought what a great find for someone who loves to be able to hold pictures in their hands that’s not in their phones. They are usually very cheap, so grab yourself one and a few for friends!

2.  Travel Bags/Totes

I must admit, I have an addiction to bags. Handbags, tote bags, reuseable bags, makeup bags, grocery bags. LOL You name the bag and I have more than probably five of each. Whether you are taking a trip to the beach or an amusement park, thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even online Stores like Thredup or Poshmark have some very nice bags that will give you a bang for your buck. Even TJMaxx has some awesome tote bags at a thrifty price. Usually they are hanging on a wall near the checkout counter. Makeup bags or bags that can double as a clutch can usually be found in the bins or in a basket on the counter at most thrift stores. I am a mommy so everything gets tossed into my bag. Food, extra shoes, umbrellas, towels, EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid to dig through to find your hidden treasure. It’s worth not having to pay retail so you can spend more on enjoying your getaway.

3.  Sunglasses

I promise you that I lose my glasses and sunglasses more than I keep them on my face. A few years ago I purchased a pair of prescription Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Do you know I just found them maybe a few months ago? SMH sad I know. So I don’t feel as bad when I grab a nice pair of sunglasses from the thrift store and lose them an hour after I walk out of the store. The beauties below were a thrift find for $1. Usually, thrift stores have sunglasses galore for men, women, and children. My 7 year old loves to grab her a pair whenever she is with me. Even if you just need a sunglass case to protect your sunglasses they have those too. I would rather pay $2 than $200 for sunglasses any day. So get thrifting and grab you some cute styles and rock them on your next vacation adventure.

4.  Hats

Ok so I am pushing 37 and I am learning how important it is to protect this glowing skin. So with my Avon products with SPF, I also have to make sure I use extra protection when I am out in the elements. I love the beach so there is nothing like a nice straw hat or floppy hat. Looking cute while keeping the sun from burning my face and shoulders. If I don’t see anything else, the first things I see when I walk in my favorite thrift stores, are HATS! Any kind you want. Baseball caps, fishing caps, floppy hats, fedoras lol all kinds! Even though I thrift, I am the queen of sanitizing. I usually spray with Lysol and soak/wash according to the labels in the hats. You can google and find all sorts of articles on how to clean hats prior to wearing them. Better safe than sorry even when you are saving those coins. You can find my Avon products on my website along with some inexpensive hats on my website

5.  Travel Wardrobe

Here my loves is my favorite part of this blog!! Thrifting for clothes. My closet is just about totally thrifted with the exception of a few pieces that I already owned prior to living the #thriftylife so to speak. Maxi dresses, light weight jackets, cute tops, denim jackets are all perfect pieces for traveling. If there is a look you have discovered on Pinterest or another blogger’s IG or even on my IG onthe_eve_style_.   I am more than positive that you can recreate the same looks by finding pieces at your local thrift store. Don’t forget shoes. You can grab some cute flats and sandals to take along with you for the trip. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize those too.

You have officially been schooled on how to prepare for your next vacation! So with all the money that you will save, go enjoy yourself. Take pictures in your thrifted wardrobe, with your poppin sunglasses and hat, with your tote on your wrist and place those photos in your cute new photo album! All who wander are not lost! Bye bye for now!



xo, Eve



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