Fitness, Fashion, Faith and the Resurgence of Confidence and Style

Tempestt R. Adams is a woman of many, many titles and has received many accolades in her personal life and in her career. A loving wife, sister, daughter and friend to many. I am so excited that she accepted my invite to write as my guest blogger for March. I celebrate her and her many accomplishments and so grateful for her support in my life as well!

First things first, I have a thing for alliteration. It is my all-time favorite literary term as evident in the title. Now that I have that out of the way, I decided to focus this post on three things that have been the center focus for me over the past few months. It was these three things: fitness, fashion, and faith, that have been playing a major role in me finding myself and my style all while becoming confident in that person.


Last summer I completed my first mini triathlon which was a major accomplishment for me. I consider it to be the turning point for me as it relates to fitness. The funny thing is that while I was training, my athleticism improved but my weight continued to increase. I was on the brink of 190 pounds which became a breaking point for me (mind you I was just under 140 in college). I no longer liked the reflection I saw in the mirror. I no longer wanted to go out shopping and spend time in dressing rooms. I constantly left each and every store empty-handed because I was not pleased with the way things looked. I no longer wanted anyone to ask me if I was expecting (I carry all of my weight in my midsection in their defense). Therefore, I made a conscious decision to do something about it. I changed my eating habits (now actually about 8 months vegetarian), I joined the Y to have access to a gym, we purchased equipment to have at home, and I paid for a couple of months with a personal trainer. Not only did I want to be heart healthy with hopes of longevity and want physical change via weight loss, I knew these changes would impact my mental health. This to me is more valuable (and costly) compared to everything else. After successfully losing 25lbs, my clothes started fitting better (I dropped two dress sizes), I began to notice the physical change in the mirror, and once other folks started to notice too! Not that I needed this but words of affirmation is a love language for a reason folks. However, above all, I began to notice a real change in my confidence. This change in confidence was bigger than being happy with the way that I looked, but I had gained confidence in my ability to successfully lose weight, successfully maintain the weight loss, and confidence in my athleticism.

Fitness Meets Fashion

As a result of @OnTheEve’s help and my weight loss, I started to see a change in my fashion confidence. Now I have never considered myself to be a fashionista because a girl could still use some help with the fashion “dos and don’ts,” but I realized shopping had become a bit more of a pleasure. I felt like I was finding cool things that looked good on me. In all honesty, my thrifting experiences have been a bit more pleasurable because I am finding more things I can fit (and that I score for cheap). Disclaimer: do not be turned off by size; I have things that I have purchased that if I would have believed the tag, I would not have dared try it on. In a previous blog post I shared tips from a new thrifter that you can find here. Those tips must be reiterated. Discovering the love and art for thrifting has been extremely beneficial because I get to partake in a guilty pleasure without buyer’s remorse! It has also been fun putting thrifted pieces together. Nothing beats watching the reaction of a friend when they say “I like your top” and I respond “Oh I got it from Goodwill” and the look on their face reads “you’re lying.” If you are lucky, you have a new thrifting buddy to go out with this Saturday, so share the wealth. Even if you do not want to leave the house this weekend, you can always thrift from the comfort of your own couch by exploring many of the online resale sites too.

Faith Brings it all Together

In all things regarding my confidence and style, I needed to spend some time reflecting on where I was spiritually. It became immediately clear that in many areas of my life where I lacked confidence, I also lacked faith. That said, I needed to start wearing my faith, clothing myself with it daily. Once I began to spend more time focusing on my spiritual walk, I began to notice changes in other areas of my life. The funny thing about faith is that they say it only takes a little bit (size of a mustard seed) but it is still sometimes difficult to come up with that small amount. I have always wondered if it was just me, but one thing I noticed about areas where my faith wavers, the wavering is never about my belief or trust as to what God will/can do, I just always feel like I do not deserve what He has for me. It is almost like I have no faith in myself or in what He has given me. How disrespectful! If I am not alone in this, begin to wear your faith every day and watch it impact all the other areas of your life.

It is my hope that something that was shared in this reflection is able to help someone in either of these areas of your life. Be bold, be beautiful, and dress yourself accordingly!


Tempestt Redefined

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