Trendy vs. Tacky

Qui, is a mother of one amazing son, Liam and an awesome friend and fashion trendsetter. She is actually the story behind my thrifting addiction and my go to for style advice. This chic can take something one would see on the racks as outdated and boring and create an original look to die for. Very humble yet outspoken when she needs to be and I can’t wait to see how God uses her very soon. So look out for more blogging pieces from her.

Reminders of Do’s and Don’ts in the New Year

2016 was a very trendy year for fashion. We saw history repeat itself with some of our favorite styles from the 70’s and 80’s, i.e; chokers, velvets/velour, go-go boots, wide leg denim, skater dresses, etc. But at the same time, we quickly became tired of seeing those same looks over and over and over again. This my friend is the true definition of a wonderful trend gone tacky. We are often side-tracked by what is currently in vs. what is/isn’t for us. For example; our InstaGram (IG) boutiques are a great platform to showcase the latest fashion, but have you noticed the models? BOY, I would spend my whole check for one of those waist lines, however, I am fully aware that the latex, midi, no shelf-bra having dress is TOTALLY not for me, no way around it, I would look like Humpty Dumpty. This is where the true meaning of “Knowing Yourself” should resonate with you. Ask yourself “Is the elasticity in my boobs good enough to withstand a top/dress with no support?” or “Is this dress undergarment worthy, or would I have to go Free Willy?” Don’t set yourself up for the disappointment after you’ve ordered these expensive pieces, patiently awaited your shipping confirmation, and tracked your package all the way to your front door, only to try the clothes on and look like Humpty Dumpty like me.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that there are no rules in fashion. And there could very well not be any, however, I do feel there are boundaries and too much of anything can be too much. There’s so much more that could go into this blog piece but you have heard it all before. With 2017 vastly approaching, let’s all challenge ourselves to dig deep and find our own true individual sense of style. Recognize what fits your personality and mildly incorporate the newest trends into your wardrobe/ensemble. While it is so easy to purchase a piece or even the whole outfit based off of what you’ve seen on someone else, think about whether this fits you as a person, does it work best for your body type, can you pull it off with confidence, etc. Once you have defined your own sense of style and owned it, others will have no choice but to embrace it. Remember the truest style is not on you, it’s in you.

Wishing you all a Happy and Stylish New Year,





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