Passing Strength On

Before December 2015, I never heard of The Giving Key. There are so many awesome things that are available to us that it’s nearly impossible to know even half of them. However, I was introduced to the The Giving Key and it was at the perfect but not so perfect time. 

I received my strength key in December 2015 after the passing of my father. My best friend Tia gifted it to me as a reminder that even through my loss I could get through anything. I kept my key beside my bed since the moment she gave it to me. Every night before I closed my eyes I would pick it up and look at it. I repeated the same action each morning. I chose not to wear it because I didn’t want to lose it. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder that everything is going to be ok and my strength key was my reminder. I honestly believe that the love of the giver and the thought behind giving me that key has been one of the things that has sustained me. That and my faith and the love and support of family and friends. It’s been 6 months and even though I’m still missing my father, I feel there is someone else in my life who needs this key more than I do right now. As I was packaging the key to send it to that person who will one day pass it on once she too is strong enough, I allowed tears to flow. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy. It was at this point I realized that now the strength to move forward now lies in me and I pray that she feels the same way when she decides to pay strength forward. 

My story is featured on The Giving Keys Website. I pray that when you feel the need to encourage someone, you will visit their website. I certainly plan to make a purchase very soon. Thank you for stopping by. 

“Realizing that, in a way, we are all like these keys – unique, flawed, scarred, and sometimes discarded by others – she wanted these keys to have their purpose renewed over and over again.” Caitlin (The Giving Key)

xo, Eve 

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