Savvy Thrifting 101

This is my first blog entry on my new website. Yeyyyyy! So one hobby that has now become a lifestyle and passion for me is thrifting. I LOVE IT. To be able to find awesome, gently used or not used at all items at a budget friendly price is phenomenal. I love clothes, shoes, handbags, and all things fashion related. However, sometimes my taste is a little bit too expensive for my pockets. Yikes! So this is where thrifting comes to my rescue. Thrifting isn’t for everyone but for those who have the patience, I want to share a few tips with you about how thrifting works for me! Enjoy!

Trust your eyes —–Often times we shy away from items in a Goodwill or consignment shop because we truly don’t know what we are looking for. I have been told that I have an eye for thriting. To me that means that I am able to see the beauty in what someone else has deemed as trashed. Even if I can’t pinpoint a use for it at the moment, best believe that once it arrives home and joins with the other items in my closet, I shall find some use for it. If not, if it is a great deal I will grab it for someone else. Sharing is caring right? If it’s missing a button or zipper I am pretty ok at sewing, I can always add those later if the item is worth it. When thrifting everyone is seeking a good deal, so even if you can’t decide if you want it right then or not, hang on to it. Trust me, someone else is watching that same item and as soon as it goes back on the rack or shelf it’s fair game.

Don’t trust the size—–We all know that different styles and brands of clothing fit each one of us differently. Even in it’s original form a L can fit like a S, a S can fit like a M, and a M could fit like a XL. Confusing to say the least. Thriting makes that task even harder. The other day I found a cuteeeee top. The tag in the shirt showed S. However, trusting my eye, I felt like it probably would fit more like a M. I tossed it into my basket.  Once I arrived home and hand washed it, allowed it to air dry, I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I was ecstatic! It is the shirt that I have on in my Hello World bio (check it out). Remember, some of these items have been stretched outside of their original shape. The labeled sizes can be tricky, once you find your niche in thrifting, all of this will make sense.

Sanitize, read, and clean——So many people frown upon thrifting as it seems unsanitary to them. My rebuttal to that is, that’s what Lysol, washing machines and dry cleaners are for. I travel with mini Lysol spray bottles as well as wipes. I usually spray shoes or wipe them out prior to trying them on in the store. Blazers are my favorite items to purchase while thrifting.  I lightly spray those and try them on over the top that I am wearing. Carefully read the labels on how to wash or care for the fabric. If it requires dry cleaning, sometimes I leave without it. I am more of a wash and wear girl. Yet, if it is a steal, off to the dry cleaners it goes. Depending on where you shop, they may require that items are washed or dry cleaned prior to accepting them to sell.

Have FUN—–Last and certainly not least. I could have included soooo much more in this blog post but then what will I have to share later? The best antidote for a bad day or blah weekend is to go thrifting. That’s just my opinion. It works for me. To walk into a world of the unknown and come out with some staple fashion pieces, one of a kind décor or houseware, jewelry, handbags, etc., it’s just so exhilarating. The best part is knowing that you didn’t spend your entire month’s paycheck and that is winning at thrifting. Thrifting does not have to be a daunting task. Grab some friends, family, spouses, kids and go for it. Try it once and either you’ll love it or hate it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the read and are well on your way to be successful at thrifting! Stay tuned for pictures that will be added later of some of my thrifting finds. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

xo, Eve


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  1. I LOVE this!!!! Maybe one day I’ll have the patience to add clothing to my thrifting game. The way my patience set up right now, I head straight to the furniture LOL

    I look forward to reading more!!! 🙂

    1. Carolyn, unfortunately it is normal. You have to remember some of the clothing aren’t washed before they are brought it, yucky I know. I’m used to it. I have sanitizer everywhere!